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We exist to support charities with innovative solutions to care for and protect vulnerable children and families


Child Separation Crisis

Together, Charities in Kenya can restore the family

Over the years, more children have become at risk of separation from their families which stems from broken relationships resulting in violence, poverty, neglect and abandonment, and orphanhood. This, has led to increased institutionalization of children in a bid to care for them. Despite this effort, it is evident that children thrive when in safe, loving, and sustainable families. Even if it’s not their biological family. WezaCare was founded to help tackle this Child Separation crisis by working with Charitable Children’s Institutions keen on restoring the family unit, with innovative solutions to care for and protect these vulnerable children. We work with them from a non-shameful and empathetic context and champion them for standing in the gap for children.

Children experiencing violence


Children with disabilities

1.92 Million

Separated Refugee Children


Children in Institutional Care


Street Connected Children


WezaCare Solutions

Your guide to better care and bigger impact

In light of the Child Separation crisis, WezaCare Solutions came into existence to act as a guide to Charitable Children’s Institutions and Child Welfare Programs keen on finding alternative and innovative solutions to care for and protect children that are family and community based. We walk alongside them in identifying ways to adopt Family and Community- Based Care Services within their institutions while being compliant with statutory regulations. In addition, the changing ecosystem in Child Welfare globally and the recent Care Reform agenda locally, are supporting indicators of why we exist- to help kids stay home and those at-risk of separation, return to safe, loving and sustainable families.


Charity Support

Although this work isn't complicated, it presents challenges that even the most seasoned charities find themselves looking for help. We offer charity support services to help organizations overcome these challenges quickly and effectively. Through our training, mentoring, and consulting services we can help you to keep administrative costs in check while helping streamline operations so you can focus on building a future for your community.


Care Networks

Collaborating with others in this work can be demoralizing. Broken relationships and unnecessary competitive relationships between organizations can reduce community impact for everyone. Healthy collaborative relationships can radically transform a community and improve the effectiveness of everyone involved. We work to build, support, and grow localized networks of care in order to maximize impact in the community.


Workforce Development

Too often, frontline social workers, counselors, teachers, pastors, and other caregivers are under-employed, underpaid, and under-trained. We work to train these practitioners with the latest alternative family care models and build systems of support through peer mentoring and training of trainers.


Applied Research

The needs of children and families are changing at a rapid rate. COVID-19 is outpacing HIV/AIDS in the growing number of orphans globally, rates of violence and abuse are growing, and the legal framework for child protection is changing. We are a learning first organization. We seek to understand what models are working and why.

Weza Care Network

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Over the last few years, there have been more and more children living on the streets. Due to the nature of the situation on the streets, these children face multiple challenges, including poor health and low cognitive development.

Membership Benefits

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As a member of the WezaCare Network, you will get access to solutions that will take your organization to the next level. From innovative software solutions for case management, to best practice training and support services, your charity will be able to adapt to the changing landscape of alternative Family Care reform.


Consulting Grants

As a member of the WezaCare network, you can apply to get a consulting grant to help your organization improve on service delivery and increase capacity in your Alternative Family Care programs. As a grant recipient, you will get access to specialized consulting support to implement innovative Alternative Family Care models, improve operational efficiency, or reduce administrative overhead.


Nexus Platform

As a WezaCare member, you get early access to innovative tools for use in case management with our web and mobile applications such as Nexus Platform. It includes an offline-first mobile application for digital report writing with government-approved and printable forms. Additionally, it contains field team tracking tools to improve the safety and accountability of remote workers.


Practitioner Training

Trauma-informed training for social workers, counselors, and caregivers ensures your team has the latest in evidence-based practices and tools. Get access to training classes that ensure your children and families are getting the best possible care. Your staff are your greatest asset so we offer additional training for self-care, therapeutic supervision, and peer support to reduce the risk of burnout and secondary trauma.


Care Network Development

This work isn't complicated, but it is hard. Doing it alone or in a competitive and stressful environment makes it even harder. We believe working together in localized care networks or consortiums of organizations benefits everyone. Join today to find a local care network to join, or get help starting your own.

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